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Quesera & Amethyst Custom Amulet

Custom Amulets

Tricia Tate~ Owner/Creatrix

Level 2 QHHT

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Holistic Healing

Tricia is the Owner/Creatrix at WildQuartz, LLC, and is certified as a Level 2 Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner, Quantum Reiki Master, and Integrative Holistic Energy Healer. She specializes in helping others to release past trauma and create balance in their lives through her unique approach of combining spiritual healing modalities with Quantum Hypnosis. Tricia has helped many individuals to heal physical and emotional pain, clear out negative energies, and create a life of joy, peace, and purpose. With her compassionate and empathic nature, Tricia helps her clients identify and release the root causes of their suffering to move forward in life with a renewed sense of hope and clarity. Tricia’s passion is to bring clarity, healing, and balance to those who seek it, and she is dedicated to helping her clients reach their highest potential.

WildQuartz Holistic Healing 

Energy Healing Services
  • Let me be your guide to discover your truth!

    7 hr
    $444 + $200 Deposit


Choose Your Own or I'll Intuitively Design One For You!

Chakra balancing bracelets for all around alignment of your mind, body and spirit.. Every bracelet is made with the intention of providing balance for the 7 main chakra energy points in your body as well two more known as the Earth Star (at your feet)  and the Soul Star (beyond the crown of your head..


WildQuartz Holistic Healing

353 W. Drake Rd Suite 140

Fort Collins, CO 80525


(720) 215-5655


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