My name is Tricia, and I am a Reiki Master Teacher, Master Crystal Healer, Holistic Energy Healer, Spiritual Life Coach, Creative Coach, and Psychic Intuitive Empath. 

 I first jumped down the Spirituality and Crystal Healing rabbit hole over ten years ago. At this time, I was seeing a therapist to work through some issues that kept coming up in my present life, and after a few sessions, we uncovered that I had very few childhood memories. 
I had always experienced flashbacks and nightmares that played like movies in my head, but I hadn't realized the depth of the trauma I experienced for eleven years of my childhood. My intuition had been trying to show me all those years past that I needed to get help.

 Once I realized I had repressed memories, I needed to be able to access those memories that I buried so profoundly behind layers of false confidence and surface-level emotional connections. I realized that my ability to disassociate from those years was what enabled me to survive long enough to get help. With my therapist's guidance, supervision, time, dedication to healing, profound acceptance, and accountability for my life, I could access the truth of who I am. There was no stopping me after the hard work of profound change. I was on a mission to heal and one day help others in any way I could to awaken to their truth and feel empowered to love themselves unconditionally. 

 I still work on myself daily because doing our inner shadow work is like peeling an onion, constantly revealing new layers and igniting new insights and self-awareness. Think of it like a lifestyle change that benefits you in all areas of your life! Consistency, self-compassion, and grace are the keys to long-term success and achieving the life you want to live. 

 I am sharing this part of my story to inspire others to look into the shadow self. Our shadow self holds all the secrets to our greatest strengths! Once we learn to navigate our depths and allow any suppressed past or present experiences to float to the surface, that which was buried holds no power over us or our actions anymore. 

 When you give yourself Love and compassion for past trauma, you start to dissolve the karmic imprint created in that experience. You do not need to relive the pain; you only need to create the bridge that connects you to your higher self.


 Connecting your energetic body to the Universal Source of Love enables you to heal any area of your life, manifest the life you have always wanted, and express your emotions without fear, anxiety, or frustration. Depression naturally dissipates as you take better care of yourself and pay attention to what your mind, body, and spirit require. You might need time to relax or start to move your body or need a creative outlet or new hobby to get your creative juices flowing again. Maybe some chakra balancing or quiet time to sit and meditate will help you feel at peace. As you delve into who you are, you open the door to unconditional self-love. I know I was guilty of only loving myself when I felt lovable. Well, we all deserve to feel lovable all the time!

 The benefits of doing the inner work are worth the discomfort initially because you are repaid tenfold in inner peace and outer calm while gaining clarity of your life path and soul's purpose.
Having walked this path through the shadows, I wish to be the beacon of light that will guide you through any darkness you might face. 

 As a creative outlet and with a desire to assist my clients further on their path, I also love to create custom Crystal Healing Energy Talismans, Malas, and Pendulums to guide you on your path to a more profound spiritual awakening. These are custom crystal healing pieces and will require a consultation or scheduled session.

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