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Purple Skies

Aquamarine and Garnet to release anxiety,ease stress and aid your energetic body with removing stuck harmful energy. Aquamarine has the energy of the element of water which represents our emotions, let the water like energy wash over you, flow into your purpose as you let go of what holds you back. The garnet will empower you in your new found freedom, lend strength in times of need and help you rebuild your foundation. Look to what needs healed, don't second guess yourself. Its always your first thought. Created for you, healing light to you.



Each piece is handmade with intention, love and positive vibes while keeping the properties of each stone in mind. Your jewelry is made by copper electroforming, which is a technique that plates your piece in a thick layer of copper. The process always creates unique textures, bringing out the natural beauty of the stones. The piece is then patina'd to create a one of a kind work of art! 



Disclaimer: WildQuartz jewelry is not a replacement

for any medical treatment or diagnoses to treat, cure or prevent any

disease or physical condition.

Aquamarine & Garnet 20" Copper Chain

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  • To maintain the longevity, quality, and color of your jewelry be sure to not immerse in water for long periods of time, or wear in salt water. Copper will naturally develop a patina over time which just adds organic beauty to your jewelry


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