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Purple Skies

 Our Awakened Heart 108 Bead AAA-Grade Mala features an Amethyst Talisman and a Red Garnet focal bead. The counting beads are Black Tourmaline, Madagascar Rose Quartz, Red Violet Madagascar Eudialyte, and Black Tourmaline Prism Cut marker beads. 


💜 💫 The Awakened Heart has beautiful messages waiting to be downloaded by you! These messages act as a gentle reminder to assist the wearer in deflecting the thoughts that wish to bring you out of the routine of doing your best to follow the way of heart-centered living. 


The crystals of this Mala combine to open the Heart to the guidance of the Higher Self! Soothing energies wash over you to dispel lower frequencies or dismiss thoughts that their only purpose is to distract you from the task at hand. 

Awakened Heart Amethyst Crescent Moon Talisman Mala

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