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Purple Skies

Chroma~ The Night Sky before dusk, looking up through the forest trees..When bats come out to hunt and play in the dwindling lights. The message here is a simple one, remember to take a moment to look up, the beauty that we seldom see is right there in front of us most of the time. We must only be silent, take a deep breath and see what is right there. Don't take anything for granted, you never know when those moments might be taken from you..  Cherish the ones you love, relish in the little things and aquire all the knowledge, experiences and adventures that you can.

Our time here is short, but make the most of it. 


Please specify length of chain you'd like at checkout. I always include a 100% copper custom length chain with purchase. I'll choose the style chain that best compliments the piece


This talisman can be worn daily, used during ritual, meditation or spellwork. Remember to be Still and Listen, not with your ears but with your Spirit and Heart.


Each piece is handmade with intention, love and positive vibes while keeping the properties of each stone in mind. Your jewelry is made by copper electroforming, which is a technique that plates your piece in a thick layer of copper. The process always creates unique textures, bringing out the natural beauty of the stones. The piece is then patina'd to create a one of a kind work of art! I like to use copper in my pieces because of the healing properties of copper, it's believed that copper can help with arthritis, improves circulation, increases energy, detoxifies and helps to reduce inflammation in the body. It has some amazing benefits!


Chroma~Picasso Jasper/Jet & Pandora Agate Pendant

Only 1 left in stock
  • This piece has been laquered to protect the patina and add shine, be sure to take off before going into the ocean, shower or lake as it can break down the laquer. If this happens, clean with a little lemon juice, dry completely and coat with clear nail polish.

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