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Purple Skies

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These Black & Gray Copper Electroformed Earrings have a shiny copper finish that will patina over time, you can keep them shiny copper by using a little lemon juice on a soft cloth.

These Geodes are so special, coming from Tabasco, Mexico! 

Being an agate they are great to reveal hidden aspects of the personailty that promote self confidence, awareness and encourages speaking your truth. These are so incredibly lightweight, this makes it so comfortble to wear! 

I will be offering lots of new ones that you will be able to choose from!

please contact me for information


Black & Gray Tabasco Geode w/Rose Gold Earwires

Out of Stock
  • To maintain the longevity, quality, and color of your jewelry be sure to not immerse in water for long periods of time, or wear in salt water. Copper will naturally develop a patina over time which just adds organic beauty to your jewelry


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