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Purple Skies

Many of you contacted me asking me if I'd have any more of the Cosmic Lightbody Talisman Malas in soon!

🙏 🥰Well, your wish is my command!! 🙏🥰

I will have five talismans available, and they are each unique in their features and size! Every one will have a combination of AAA grade beads of amethyst, black or rainbow 🌈 obsidian and clear quartz! Please note each one will have different size talismans, but each will be Amethyst Moon Slices. I will soon have them marked so you can choose the one you'd like in the drop down down box above.


💫 The Cosmic Lightbody~ 108 Bead WildQuartz Talisman Mala is adorned with an Amethyst Crescent Moon, Rainbow Obsidian, Ametrine, Amethyst, and Clear Quartz. All gemstones are chosen with the care and purpose of aligning energies of the crystals and gemstones with the Intention of the chosen Talisman.


💫 As you awaken and begin the process of integrating into a higher frequency, you step into the awareness of your Lightbody! To become aware is to let go of fears, lower frequency thoughtforms, and then believe that there are no limitations to what you can accomplish in this life. Knowing that no matter what challenges you face, they're for the betterment of your human experience while residing here in the 3rd Dimension.

💫 Our most important lessons are learned during times of significant discomfort. This discomfort is necessary for us to step outside of our conditioned beliefs comfort zone and truly recognize what is essential in this life. The real lesson is understanding that LOVE is the frequency we are all here to attain, whether it's self-love, romantic love, platonic love, love and empathy for animals, taking care of the planet, and loving the beauty she provides us. Once you achieve unconditional love for all sentient beings, you will be living an Authentic life here on this planet and in this Dimension.


💫 Amethyst Crescent Moon Talisman was created for this piece as it is a vibrantly energetic Amethyst crescent moon slice, I wanted this 108 Bead Mala to have the ability to empower your transition out of the 3D and into the expanded consciousness of your dimensional body of light! This process isn't easy as we have to be ready to shed old habits, release conditioned beliefs and let go of all that we believe.





WildQuartz 108 bead Malas are created by hand-knotting each bead. Every knot hand weaved with intention and pure high vibration energy to assist the crystals' energy and precious gemstones used.


🔮 My studio is sacred. Its surroundings are the home to 100's of crystals that I have collected over the years. These crystals and this magical space are essential elements to creating your Jewelry. The energy that we desire for profound awakenings is vital to continued growth as you get deeper onto your path of awakening to your most treasured gifts of knowledge and wisdom and heart-centered living.

Every piece of Jewelry is unique, with its personality and creation. It isn't just a piece of Jewelry. It is a talisman of protection and a tool to use during meditation. You will want to have it close to you in times of stress or when you want to feel comforted. The science behind why crystals work is fascinating, but honestly, it would take writing a book here to give them the justice they deserve! So many excellent resources out there to assist you in discovering anything and everything you can imagine about crystals and the magick that resides within them. They have been proven to help you raise your frequencies to bring about positive thoughts and healing energies to balance the chakra systems. They clear away negative or low vibrations that have entered your energetic body, physical body, and even those that have you over-thinking! I am truly blessed and grateful I was chosen to create for you and share the mind/body/spirit benefits of using crystals in your everyday life to enhance yourself quality of life and unlock wisdom!


Cosmic Lightbody~Amethyst Moon Slice/Rainbow Obsidian/Amethyst/Ametrine & Quartz

Only 1 left in stock
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