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Purple Skies

Custom 108 Bead Mala & Talisman for Ashlie~


Black Lemurian Quartz & Rhodonite Druzy Gemstone Talisman. Mala is adorned with Smoky Quartz Guru Bead (representative of grounding, connection, protection, and a reminder of alignment "As within so without, as above so below"), Fancy Jasper marker beads, also counting beads with AAA grade Super 7/Silver Sheen Obsidian/Cloudy Quartz and Rhodonite.


Custom Mala- $222

Talisman- $125


Every custom order will also receive a hand-written, intuitively channeled message that comes through during creation. This is because crystals have so much wisdom to share with us!


I look forward to creating for you! Please allow me three weeks to create your custom, and sometimes I need to order stones that were called to your piece that was not available in my inventory. I will always communicate with you during creation; please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.



If you want to create your own custom Talisman or Mala, see the WildQuartz Jewelry page to sign up for a consult, or use the chat to send me a message, and I will respond to you at my earliest convenience.


WildQuartz 108 bead Malas are created by hand-knotting each bead. Every knot hand weaved with intention and pure high-vibration energy to assist the crystals' energy and precious gemstones used. My studio is sacred. Its surroundings are the home to 100's of crystals I have collected over the years. These crystals and this magical space are essential elements to creating your Jewelry. Mind/Body/Spirit balance is vital to continued growth. As you get deeper onto your path, you awaken to your most treasured gifts of knowledge and wisdom, which lead to authentic, heart-centered living.

Every piece of Jewelry is unique, with its own personality. It isn't just a piece of Jewelry. It is a talisman of protection and a tool to use during meditation. You will want to have it close to you during life's challenges or when you want comfort. Crystals have been proven to help you raise your frequencies to bring about positive thoughts and healing energies that assist in balancing the energetic meridians and the Chakra system. They clear away negative or low vibrations that have entered your energetic body, physical body, and even those that have you overthinking.


Thank you for supporting WildQuartz, and my dream of being able to create for the individual!


✨Crystal Blessings,


Custom 108 Bead Mala & Talisman for Ashlie~

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