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Purple Skies

This collection features the energy of protection, guidance, deeper insight, and intuition! Every piece in this collection has a unique energy that is meant to assist you to discover the power that resides in the hidden realms where the Wind Walkers reign and they guard the timelines that we all equally exist within! A power piece to wear daily to empower you to change that which no longer serves you. 


Every piece in the "Wind Walkers" Collection was created with love, and intention, and will always be charged with abundant Reiki energy and light code messages to be shared with you during times when they are most needed. These pieces are meant to be used during meditation, ritual, or prayer. 


This piece features a vibrant and luminous Chrysoprase, known to be a stone of connection to the Earth, and having grounding energy this piece will be an excellent way to help you feel present in the moment without getting lost in the mind or the thoughts that can creep up out of nowhere and distract you. Sometimes those distractions can lead down a slippery slope of old coping mechanisms. Do not allow those old feelings to sneak up on you and ruin your moment of peace. 

This piece is will be a force of reassurance during times of deeper insights, and life transformations. 



This piece is made with a 5.5" piece of silver and then it has a 1" gap. So this one will fit a smaller wrist of a size 6 most comfortably. 

Please be careful to not overstretch the band, it is meant to be put on at the thinnest part of the side of the wrist and then gently squeezed into place. It's very important to not twist the metal, as this could compromise the integrity of the piece.


Made of sterling silver this piece will hold up to everyday wear and tear! All pieces in this collection are made from .925 silver and I only use the highest quality materials. Made to last and be an heirloom to pass down to the next generation to create insight. 


Hand forged in the Mountains of Colorado, by Tricia. 


You will receive the exact item as the picture above unless you are ordering a made-to-order item. MTOs will vary, as every piece is handmade, and each will develop its unique character. 

Divine Mind

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