FfionaFig~ Ms. FfionaFig wants you to make a Wish!! She has the ability to grant those that she likes a little something that they have been dreaming of for years! Some of us want World Peace, some of us a fancy car, some of us a love to call our own.. But what Ms. FfionaFig wishes for you is to have the gift that will bring about happiness, and inner calm... The ability to love yourself is the most precious Gift of all. She knows that sometimes our hopes and dreams can seem so far away but she speaks from experience that all you have to do is ask, and believe and those wishes will come true!! 

 You must really, really believe that what you want will happen, don't give up on the sprouting seeds of Hope. For shes so close to fulfulling your greatest Wish! Ms. FfionaFig is looking for a special someone that she bring a little magick to! She loves lots of Houseplants and loves to sit on altars. She prefers to be close to the Moon when its Full or New for it recharges her for many wishes to come! She also loves cats. Meeeeow 



This talisman can be worn daily, used during ritual, meditation or spellwork. Remember to be Still and Listen, not with your ears but with your Spirit.


Please specify length of chain you'd like at checkout. I always include a 100% copper custom length chain with purchase. I'll choose the style chain that best compliments the piece.


Each piece is handmade with intention, love and positive vibes while keeping the properties of each stone in mind. Your jewelry is made by copper electroforming, which is a technique that plates your piece in a thick layer of copper. The process always creates unique textures, bringing out the natural beauty of the stones. The piece is then patina'd to create a one of a kind work of art! I like to use copper in my pieces because of the healing properties of copper, it's believed that copper can help with arthritis, improves circulation, increases energy, detoxifies and helps to reduce inflammation in the body. It has some amazing benefits!

FfionaFig~ Phantom Smoky Quartz/Spirit Quartz & Chevron Amethyst