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Purple Skies

Sirdas~ He spoke his name very clearly to me; as I looked it up out of curiosity, I found that it is the Turkish name for Confidant! This name fits this piece perfectly as it is a supportive combination of crystals he chose to bestow part of his energy.

He wants you to know that having someone to talk to about everything happening inside the body and mind is essential. He asks you to remember that we must always let go of the hurts and pain residing inside as they become more substantial if you ignore them.

He says they begin to feed on each other and become a monster that can take over your actions and your thoughts and persuade you that you don't have any worth or meaning. He says if you tell him everything you are most afraid to share with anyone else, he will help show you how to release and renew your fire inside!


He speaks to the Earth's energy, grounding, and drawing abundance to all areas of your life! He says to Triumph over anything holding you back! He says to let go of Fear, as it's most debilitating to you. He wants you to take the lead in your life, don't allow anyone to dictate your every move. You are in control, not the words or pains shown by the "Ickies." Unfortunately, the Ickies have a place in our lives for some time, but it's up to us to choose when they go!

Adopt Sirdas, for he is ready to be your Confidant, and sit by your nightstand keeping watch as you sleep. He says he won't allow the Ickies to come in anymore as long you as you do your part of letting go.

Sirdas~ Smoky Phantom Quartz/Moss Agate & Citrine

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