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Purple Skies

✨🔥✨ Inner Flame of Passion & Purpose~ The crystal gemstones in this adjustable slipknot Mala Bracelet are inspirational, uplifting, and meant to light a fire under your ass! Are you ready to face the challenges that you've hidden away? Unfortunately, we have a tendency to overlook or ignore situations that can cause us to feel out of place or unprepared! 

 Let this Mala be your guidance to awaken the aspects of the self that will empower your energy center of creativity and positive energy flow! 


🔥 Fire Agate~Containing the essence of fire, it will burn away the stagnant energy keeping you from your goals and lit up the Sacral center that is your power center to get things done!  

🤍 White Jade~ Need assistance from the higher realms to implement your dreams and goals? Ask your Spirit Guides and Guardian what you need to know at this time. Go within, quiet the mind and listen to your voice. Listen to the knowledge that your Spirit has acquired over your vast existence and multiple lives throughout time and space! 

🖤🤍 Zebra Jasper~ Duality is an Illusion! Awaken to your power of the light and shadow! Zebra will bring balance while helping you feel connected in the upper and lower realms. When you are in harmony, you will make decisions quickly, trust your intuition, and allow your heart to guide you in your daily endeavors. 


🖤 There will be four of these Available! Each one will be slightly different as each gemstone bead will have varying degrees of markings. But all are created with love, intention, and a little bit of magick!


Inner Flame of Passion & Purpose~ Fire Agate/Zebra Jasper & White Jade

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