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Purple Skies

The images above are of past Malas. Please inquire below to create your custom Mala!


This listing is for a Custom Intuitively-Designed, Hand-Knotted Mala that I will create for you after we have had our Zoom or Phone call, whichever you choose. 


When you purchase this listing, you will receive direct communication from me to schedule your energetic reading. If you decide to buy a custom Mala, I will credit the cost of the consult to the balance of your custom Mala.

Every Mala is created for the individual. I will use the insights gained during our initial 15-30 min session to choose the 108 crystal beads that will benefit your life path, spiritual growth, and connection to your higher guidance. 
Each crystal bead is hand-knotted with intention, weaving the magic of unconditional love, healing, and strength to face any shadows that might arise as challenges in your life purpose or path to the Higher Self.


 Because WildQuartz Mala's are created for the individual, you will have options to have a traditional tassel or have me create a custom pendant for you. If you're interested in a custom pendant, this will add additional time and cost to your Handmade Mala. 


I am grateful to have the opportunity to create you a personalized Mala! 


WildQuartz 108 bead Malas are created by hand-knotting each bead. Every knot hand weaved with intention and pure high vibration energy to assist the crystals' energy and precious gemstones used. My studio is sacred. Its surroundings are the home to 100's of crystals that I have collected over the years. These crystals and this magical space are essential elements to creating your Jewelry. The energy that we desire for profound awakenings is vital to continued growth as you get deeper onto your path of awakening to your most treasured gifts of knowledge and wisdom and heart-centered living. 

 Every piece of Jewelry is unique, with its personality. It isn't just a piece of Jewelry. It is a talisman of protection and a tool to use during meditation. You will want to have it close to you in times of stress or when you want comfort. The science behind why crystals work is fascinating. Crystals have proven to help you raise your frequencies to bring about positive thoughts and healing energies to balance the chakra systems. They clear away negative or low vibrations that have entered your energetic body, physical body, and even those that have you over-thinking. 

Intuitive Hand-Knotted Mala Consult

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