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Purple Skies

✨ This Intuitively designed Mala features Lucina, a WildQuartz Talisman adorned with a Rose Quartz Generator/Amethyst Slice Crescent Moon & Quartz Raw Crystals to accentuate the energies of the crystals. 

✨ The Mala beads are AAA Quality and have Snow White Clear Quartz marker beads as the 27th bead to keep you focused during your meditation and bring your awareness back to the moment if or when the mind begins to wander.


✨  Each bead is used for the properties of that stone and to enhance the overall high vibration of the talisman. I chose all AAA quality beads, consisting of Ametrine, White Jade, and Matte Rose Quartz. The Matte Rose Quartz has a serene feel that will assist the communication with your spirit guides in the higher realms, balancing the upper chakras while opening the gateways to clear stuck energies in the Soul Star chakra center. Rose quartz is also a calming crystal that raises the vibration of the energetic body, clearing away harmful energies that are stuck in the upper and lower chakras. 

 ✨ The crystals of this piece all work well to balance the upper chakras, promote an open channel with your ancestors, spirit guides, and guardians, and open the Third Eye, Crown, and Soul Star chakras to address possible past life issues that are affecting you in the present. If they aren't cleared, these energies can wreak havoc in your daily life, causing symptoms of depression and anxiety. I created this piece to help alleviate those fears, aiding you to move on with purpose and determination. Perseverance is the word, we must persevere in the face of adversity, and you have the power to make those necessary changes.




WildQuartz 108 bead Malas are created by hand-knotting each bead. Every knot hand weaved with intention and pure high vibration energy to assist the crystals' energy and precious gemstones used.


🔮 My studio is sacred. Its surroundings are the home to 100's of crystals that I have collected over the years. These crystals and this magical space are essential elements to creating your Jewelry. The energy that we desire for profound awakenings is vital to continued growth as you get deeper onto your path of awakening to your most treasured gifts of knowledge and wisdom and heart-centered living. 

 Every piece of Jewelry is unique, with its personality and creation. It isn't just a piece of Jewelry. It is a talisman of protection and a tool to use during meditation. You will want to have it close to you in times of stress or when you want to feel comforted. The science behind why crystals work is fascinating, but honestly, it would take writing a book here to give them the justice they deserve! So many excellent resources out there to assist you in discovering anything and everything you can imagine about crystals and the magick that resides within them.  They have been proven to help you raise your frequencies to bring about positive thoughts and healing energies to balance the chakra systems. They clear away negative or low vibrations that have entered your energetic body, physical body, and even those that have you over-thinking! I am truly blessed and grateful I was chosen to create for you and share the mind/body/spirit benefits of using crystals in your everyday life to enhance your quality of life and unlock wisdom! 



Lucina~ Rose Quartz/Amethyst Moon & Quartz Talisman Mala

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