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Purple Skies

Quartz Crystal and Eudialyte Pendant hung on a 24" copper chain.  This piece is will aide you connecting with your Spiritual Guides/Angel guides, it will help to release stuck energy that no longer serves you, clear the heart chakra of any pain that caused feelings of not being enough. Raises self awareness, self confidence and opens your heart to allow new possibilites to flourish. This Eudialyte will also awaken a creative side that has laid dormant, tap into your unknown potential, release fear of failure. Use this Quartz to creat intention, once fulfilled.. cleanse and use again to manifest new intentions.  With practice you will manifest at a much faster rate than you expect. Make sure to keep thoughts positive, because you are manifesting with every thought you think, and every word you speak. 


Each piece is handmade with intention, love and positive vibes while keeping the properties of each stone in mind. Your jewelry is made by copper electroforming, which is a technique that plates your piece in a thick layer of copper. The process always creates unique textures, bringing out the natural beauty of the stones. The piece is then patina'd to create a one of a kind work of art! 



Disclaimer: WildQuartz jewelry is not a replacement

for any medical treatment or diagnoses to treat, cure or prevent any

disease or physical condition.


Quartz Crystal w/Eudialyte 24" Copper Chain

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  • To maintain the longevity, quality, and color of your jewelry be sure to not immerse in water for long periods of time, or wear in salt water. Copper will naturally develop a patina over time which just adds organic beauty to your jewelry




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