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Purple Skies

  You will receive a handwritten Rune Reading to guide you in accessing the more profound energies held within the subconscious that can assist you in learning about hidden knowledge and wisdom within yourself, and the crystals of your talisman during meditation, ritual, or prayer. On average, you will have 4 Runes cast for you. Each Rune will have the traditional meaning explained and deciphered, but I will also channel messages that come through the Universal Source that connects us all. Your reading will be in-depth, and detailed and help guide you to insights that are waiting in the shadows to be revealed, healed, and brought into the light. 

  Your messages will be individually channeled and never be the same as another persons reading, nor will I copy the exact meaning of a Rune. Sometimes word-for-word interpretation is necessary but most often will only be a specific phrase that stands out for you.

  Your reading will be written out for you as it is channeled, with notes and little details that were emphasized during your reading. Your reading will be shipped to you with the completed Talisman/Mala or Crystal Creation that you ordered. Please allow an extra couple of days for the Rune Reading 
I will send you pictures of your Rune Cast via Text, email, or DM. Whichever you prefer. 

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about what else I offer, please reach out via the contact us page, or through Instagram. You can find my profile @wildquartz if you aren't already aware.

*This Reading is not an appointment service, It is an added service for your Talisman Purchase*

Rune Reading ~ Added Service for Talisman Purchase

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