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Purple Skies

⚔️🛡 Shield Maiden~ Adjustable Slipknot Mala Bracelet to access the essence of the Warrior Goddess within you! Are you ready to inherit the power of your ancestors, the women who have come before you to clear the way to your freedom! You are capable of amazing things. Never doubt your ability to manifest all you desire! You are powerful, and you have the Spirit of the Warrior Goddess backing your every move! Look to the Heart Center, and you will connect to her Beautiful energy because she is you! Go deep, my love, and feel the power of the Earth supporting and protecting you. 


⚔️ Garnet~ Strengthens and protects and associated with the Goddess Sehkmet Garnet is meant to be the sword and shield of your success whether from love, business, or fostering a deeper awareness of the hidden realms. Garnet promotes a healthy body, mind, and spirit as it balances the chakras from the base to the crown! 


✨Pietersite~ Highly charged with energies of the lower chakras this crystal has an excellent overall vibration to clear away any lower frequencies that are keeping you from achieving the goals and dreams that you wish to bring to fruition during this life and journey to ascension and enlightenment. 


🛡 Gold Sheen Obsidian~ Your shield from those that wish to see you not succeed, deflecting the evil eye while nestling your energetic body in the arms of the protection of the lower realms of the Earth. Gold Sheen Obsidian will help you dissolve the fears that keep you stagnant and connect you to your spirit guides and ancestors that have your highest good in mind and want you to fulfill your potential while in this energetic body. 


🖤 There will be four of these Available! Each one will be slightly different as each gemstone bead will have varying degrees of markings. But all are created with love, intention, and a little bit of magick!




Shield Maiden~ Garnet, Gold Sheen Obsidian & Pietersite

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