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Purple Skies

Sister Moon Mala ~ Palm Root Crescent Moon, Smoky Quartz Guru Bead, Chrysocolla Azurite counting beads, Lava stone, Picasso jasper, Moss Agate combine to create the Beautiful energy of this intuitively created mala. 


Let's emerge from hibernation! It's time to clear away anything in your life that is ready to GO!


 Clean out that skeleton's closet, or list those old clothes on Poshmark that will no longer fit into your life literally and figuratively. This is important to cement the new processes of thought you have adapted to make big changes this year! Clean out those old thought processes of the doubts, or fears that could hold you back from continued success in your new path.

  Have you been working on releasing behavior patterns, or kicking that person to the curb that won't respect your boundaries? You are being supported in ALL you want to manifest, create or bring to fruition.  You will be successful! Those old coping mechanisms are thrown to the wayside with enthusiasm and empowered actions!

 It's time to make room for the magick that is awaiting you this spring, allow nature to speak to you, take time to connect to her, and listen to her magickal voice, she wants to make you swoon!

The seeds you have planted are ready to burst forth, they will not only have strong roots but will be developed with a solid foundation of intentions created during the resting phase of the winter.




Sister Moon ~ Palm Root Moon Mala

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