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Purple Skies

🌞🌝 Sun & Moon Mala Bracelet ~ Each bead is handpicked with time and consideration, then hand-knotted while weaving the intention of bringing the power of the Sun and Moon to the magic of the gemstones in this bracelet.


✨ Allow yourself the sacred space and time to connect in the realms that we cannot see; know that the answers are there within your reach.

 The crystals featured are to enhance your natural ability to listen to the messages beyond just the ordinary senses, while aligning the energy centers of the Upper and Lower Chakra systems.


✨ Blue Apatite~ Is known to be an opener of the throat chakra and a conduit to the higher realms where the angels reside. Blue apatite can balance the upper chakras, assisting you in communicating the insight and wisdom shared with you during meditation or quiet moments when you allow yourself to let go of your worries. 


✨Sugilite~ Helps to balance the energy of the Upper Chakras while bringing in the guidance of the Etheric realms, not as an escape but as an ally to awaken to more profound intuition and opening of the Third Eye. Sugilite is a crystal of the Violet Ray, making it very useful during meditation, energy healing, or while creating. It balances all the energy centers as it moves through you.


✨Golden TigersEye is known to have supportive masculine and feminine energy, meaning it's a great stone to help the divine feminine get in deeper touch with her divine masculine side. If the divine feminine is too masculine, it can assist in bringing balance where there is still the illusion of Duality. Stone of the Golden Ray embodies the energy of the Sun God Ra and the Goddess Bast~  I love the vibration of this stone; it feels powerful, joyful, courageous, and helps to balance the lower chakra systems.



🖤 There will be four of these Available! Each one will be slightly different as most gemstone beads will have varying degrees of markings. But all are created with love, intention, and a little bit of magick!


Sun & Moon~ Mala Bracelet w/Blue Apatite/Sugilite & Golden Tigerseye

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