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Purple Skies

The Wizard ~ The energy of this pendulum has deep roots in the Earth, connecting you to the wisdom of the Tree Spirits and the animals that reside in the depths of the deep green forests.

It's the perfect addition to your magickal toolbox and was created to help assist you in all areas of your life! I feel the presence of a wise Wizard in the stones, and the Tree Spirits want to help guide you into the Sacred Forests of the Universe.


The Wizard is a one-of-a-kind pendulum adorned with a Citrine Smoky Quartz and encrusted with the perfect combination of stones to activate the connection to all of the Chakras during the use of your pendulum.

 The deer antler acts as the anchor of your energy, and it has an amazonite crystal to help you decipher the messages you receive and speak them into fruition with clarity and deep understanding.


Custom pendulums are open! Please reach out if you're interested.






The Wizard~ Citrine Smoky Quartz & Deer Antler Pendulum

Only 1 left in stock
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