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Reiki Recharge

Recharge, Renew and Refresh by realigning your Chakras & Etheric body

Service Description

The Reiki Recharge session is a beautiful way to experience what an Energetic Chakra Balancing can do to help you restore your Mind/Body/Spirit to its natural harmonious state. Being mindful of what thoughts you allow to influence you and the frequency of energy you focus on can significantly improve your physical, emotional, and etheric body! During your session, we will talk about what you want to achieve and how deep you would like to go. The Energy sessions that I facilitate are mainly influenced by the Intuitive process of assisting you to connect to your Higher Self in your main timeline. This allows you to feel the power of your most remarkable expression of yourself in this life. Once you are in alignment with the energy of your Soul, I will help guide you through a visualization that can ground you, protect you, and assist you in beginning the healing process for the imbalances you might be experiencing in this life. Symptoms of Chakra imbalances can look like unpredictable behaviors, outdated coping mechanisms, and unwanted cycles in relationships, careers, and life choices. If we touch on something that isn’t ready to be brought to the surface, we meet it with compassion and give it the space to the surface when the time is right for you. This energy healing and Reiki realignment will usually bring to the surface anything that needs attention, as we tend to hold onto emotional, mental, and physical trauma in our energy centers. However, sometimes we can block off our feelings to protect ourselves. Unfortunately, we close ourselves off from feeling a broad range of emotions. Doing this can result in experiencing fatigue, anxiety, stress, and unhealthy habits: even depression and fear of creating cycles of bad habits that are difficult to break. However, once you figure out what is causing the imbalances, you can focus on processing the experiences, or emotions involved and let them go! This can be a very fulfilling experience to help you heal! Knowing and understanding your chakras can help bring you a harmonious balance that will make you feel happier, more grounded, and connected to your higher power and your Soul’s highest expression of itself. Your chakras are the doorway to feeling more in control of your life, creating a prosperous life full of love and harmony. Knowing you are the one that is responsible for your own life and reality is incredibly empowering!

  • 1 hour
  • 145 US dollars
  • Remote

Cancellation Policy

Policy on Cancellations, No-Shows and Lateness~ 24-hours advance notice is required. If you do not give me this advance notice, your fee for the appointment will be forfeited. Please take the time to email me or call me if you need to reschedule. My time is valuable, and so is yours. If you're late, you lose that time. If you don't show, you will be charged in full. In turn, I promise to honor our appointments and be on time as well.

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